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If you’re like us, you want to read more. But the reality is, your stack of unread books keeps getting bigger and bigger. You’ve got the best intentions… but you just aren’t reading them.

Plus, more amazing books are published every single year. And this leads to the same vicious cycle… buy more books… read a little… and then add them to the stack. Inevitably, life takes over and you’re left with the guilt of never following through.

If this sounds familiar,
it’s because you’re not alone.

This is exactly what was happening for us. We’re a married couple with two awesome kids who each have their own activities. So life gets busy. And yet we strongly believe that to progress in life and achieve our goals, we’ve got to keep learning – it’s how we’ve been able to build multiple million dollar businesses and a non-profit that provides education for more than 5,000+ kids each day.

We were sitting on a goldmine
(and so are you!)

We love books. They shrink time. Someone can spend a lifetime mastering a skill and in 300 pages or less, we can soak up all their wisdom. It’s the ultimate life hack.

But what we didn’t love was how little of these books we were actually reading. Sure, there are book summaries (and those serve a purpose). But they just aren’t the same as going through a book yourself and really thinking about how it all applies to you and your life.

A Book Club Designed To Set You Up For Success.

Read More and Learn More With Our Exclusive Reading Plans, Book Mastermind and Author Q&A Sessions

Here’s the reality…

You’re busy. We’re busy. And we’ve all got a million and one things fighting for our attention and time.  So the goal of this book club isn’t to read hundreds of books this year. 

The goal is to go deep on a few really,
really good books.

Here’s how we’ll do that

A Reading Plan

Instead of piling on more overwhelm, we’ve designed a reading plan for 6 books a year. These are a curated list of books in the “business” and “self help” categories. And each reading plan is spread over a 6 week period. It works out to roughly 50 pages a week or 8 pages a day. Even for busy people, this is very manageable.

Virtual Book Mastermind

Half way through each reading plan, we meet as a group to discuss what we’ve learned so far. This is where the learning really begins to sink in. With carefully crafted prompts, you’ll share the lessons you’re learning and hear from others about what they’ve learned (and have begun implementing). This virtual mastermind with other growth-minded people ensures you’re getting the most out of these amazing books. You’re not just reading the books but you’re thinking about them, discussing them and gameplanning for how you’ll be implementing them.

Author Meet and Greet

At the end of each reading cycle we will host the actual authors of the book we just finished reading. It’s a time to ask questions, go deeper on the concepts in the book and get feedback and clarity on how to immediately apply them to your business and life. It’s access you just can’t get reading by yourself.

Finally Read The Books You Buy 

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There is so much wisdom within a book but it’s never going to serve you if the books don’t get read. But just think about the compounding effect of not only reading great books but extracting the best ideas out and then applying them in your life.

All you need is ONE idea to have a profound impact on your next 12 months. And for less than $0.70 a day, you can get ALL the benefits of our PRO membership.

Book Membership

($20 per month)

Book Reading Plan
A plan to guide you towards more completed books!

Virtual Book Mastermind
A book mastermind to discuss and deepen the learning.

Author Meet and Greet
Ask questions, get feedback and hear directly from the authors.

If You Don’t Change, Things Won’t Change.

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The harsh realization that we had was this…. The books stacking up on our desk were never going to read themselves. And instead of beating ourselves up over what we hadn’t done, we decided to make a plan to get it done. We look forward to helping you do the same.

To your success,

The Book Membership is where the deeper learning really happens. Plus, you’ll be building incredible friendships with other lifelong learners committed to their personal growth. Get started today for less than $0.70 a day.

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